Backyard Fire Features

There is nothing like the allure of a crackling fire and flicker of an open flame to draw friends and family around on a summer’s night. From a design perspective, outdoor fire features are very easy to customize. Let us help you choose stone, brick or tile that complements the overall design.

The first step to planning the addition of your backyard fire feature is the fire-proof aspect. Fireproofing your space is the most important part of the planning process. This involves finding a location a safe distance from trees and shrubs, building a patio large enough for people to sit around the fire at a comfortable distance, and trimming any stray branches, as well as keeping the surrounding grass short and in control.

Your second step to planning a fire feature is to choose the style right for you. From a wood-fuelled fire pit, to gas powered fire tables, we’ve broken down the features of each option for you:


Wood-fuelled pits

These can be either above ground or in-ground. Whichever option you choose, we can build it. Digging yourself a hole-in-the-ground fire pit may sound like the cheapest option to you, but having a fire pit that isn’t built correctly has huge risks. Think large flames, uncontrollable sparks flying, and accidental grass fires. Properly constructed fire pits move the fire off the ground, which means less chance that your fire will spread. If you’ve chosen to add a firepit to your yard, let us construct you a beautiful and safe place to hang out around, and maybe roast a few marshmallows.


Wood-fuelled bowls

A great option if you love the idea of a wood burning pit, but want to be able to move it around. The great features of a fire bowl is that they are self-contained, they limit size of fire, and are easier to control. Like a wood-fuelled pit, bowls offer a great place to roast hotdogs, marshmallows, or any other foods you can cook over an open flame. Keep in mind that because they are moveable, you’ll need to be aware of how fire-proof the surroundings are.


Wood-fuelled chimineas

Same sort of idea as a fire bowl – moveable and self contained – but with a few additional features. The heat is mostly directed through the front opening or screen, so you can easily point the heat towards the sitting area to keep your guests warm. There is a chimney to funnel smoke away from guests (this means no more musical chairs to avoid breathing in the smoke), and chimineas often have screens to stop sparks from flying to nearby grass and branches, or even clothes and skin.


Fire tables

These devices lift the heat up, which helps to warm bodies, rather than just your toes. They can be fuelled by propane, alcohol, or natural gas, and we can help you decide which of those is your best option. A great feature of a fire table is the table top. This allows you to set down drinks and plates, which provides a more convenient socializing environment.


Fire columns

If you like the idea of a gas-powered fire feature but don’t have the space for a fire table, take a look at fire columns. They are great option for patios with limited space, but still could use the aesthetic appeal of fire. Keep in mind that these are used only for heat and style, as they are too small to cook on.


Outdoor fireplaces

Same idea as your indoor fireplace, with the main difference being this one is outside. An outdoor fireplace must be built to withstand both very hot temperatures (when your flame is going), as well as very cold temperatures (surviving our brutal Canadian winters). These fireplaces provide a place to cook meals and treats, as well as throw heat to keep people warm. They can be fuelled by wood OR gas, depending on your needs and preferences. While there are options for moveable outdoor fireplaces, we recommend a built-in fireplace. They are often safer and sturdier because they remain in one place permanently.


Working on a budget?

An alternative option to a fire feature is a portable patio heater.  Portable heaters cost less, they offer the heat your guests crave, and since many of them come with safety features, they limit the risk of potential fire accidents.


It is very important to be aware of any fire restrictions put into place for your area. Despite believing your fire is safe and controlled, backyard fire features are not exempt from local fire bans. At Peter Hughes Landscape, we have the expertise to help you choose the right option for your property. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote on your project!



peter hughes landscape design

Backyard fire feature project done by Peter Hughes Landscape.


Backyard fire feature

Backyard fire feature project done by Peter Hughes Landscape.


Landscape design

Backyard fire feature project done by Peter Hughes Landscape.



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