Snow Scald: The Stealthy Plant Predator of Calgary

We’ve all seen it around Calgary, even if you didn’t know what you were looking at. Those unsightly brown patches on your grass, trees, and evergreens found in the spring time as the snow and ice melt is what’s called “winter burn” or “snow scald”.   This unfortunate browning of foliage is often caused by […]

Commercial Property Appearance Matters

We all know how important first impressions are, and psychologists say that first impressions snap into place within the first 7 seconds. Humans are visual creatures; we tend to get attached to our impressions and find it very difficult to change our opinion. Whether you’re meeting a person for the first time, or seeing a […]

Backyard Fire Features

There is nothing like the allure of a crackling fire and flicker of an open flame to draw friends and family around on a summer’s night. From a design perspective, outdoor fire features are very easy to customize. Let us help you choose stone, brick or tile that complements the overall design. The first step […]

Easy Backyard Landscape Design Ideas

“Why go on vacation once a year when you can make your yard feel like you’re on vacation all year round?” Ok picture this: you’re in your backyard on a warm summer evening, lounging on a plush outdoor couch. Your friends are with you, complimenting the delicious meal you just prepared in your outdoor kitchen. […]

Snow Removal

The PHL Advantage when it comes to Snow Maintenance Peter Hughes Landscape offers full winter snow clearing and removal services for both commercial and residential clients. Our 24 hour removal guarantee ensures your home, multi family unit, retail district or commercial venue is clear and safe for pedestrian and vehicle use. We recognize the importance […]